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The Ultimate Aquarium Tank Featured in the Fox Sports U.S. Open

The Ultimate Aquarium was commissioned to build and maintain the tank used in the U.S. Open in 2019!

Monterey, CA

Monterey's #1 rated fish store.  Every week we stock new fish and coral for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.  We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you create and maintain your dream tank.  Stop by and ask us how easy it is to get started in this exciting and fulfilling hobby.  If you already have an aquarium consider joining our notification list to be alerted when we restock or request a fish.


  • Step by Step Guidance

    We will gladly advise you on every aspect of your salt or freshwater aquarium.

  • Free In-Store Water Tests

    We will test your water and suggest chemicals or procedures to bring your water back into the desired specifications.

  • Constantly Updated Inventory

    Our inventory is updated twice weekly with new fish, crustaceans, SPS, LPS, and coral.

  • Best Quality Products

    We supply the latest and greatest as well as the traditional aquarium supplies for all types of tanks or ponds.