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We specialize in both freshwater and saltwater fish, aquariums, equipment and more!  At The Ultimate Aquarium, we have a wide variety of products to not only fill your fish tanks with lush aquatic life but to keep them healthy and happy. Whether you are looking for a 2-gallon fish bowl, or a large 200 hundred gallon aquarium, or a filtration for your saltwater tank, we take pride in you having the best experience as an aquarium owner!
We want to provide you with many options for your fish habitat. We have a wide selection ranging in price and size. If you are looking to buy an aquarium whether it’s new or used or looking to sell your old one, come by and see what we have in stock or give us a call.
Not too sure how to set your tank up properly? Don’t worry! We can show you everything from start to finish! From setting the right temperature, filtration, and lighting, to an easy approach to changing your water and keeping your fish healthy. We will also conduct water tests to make sure your water is correct for your fish. Or ask about our installation and monthly maintenance service.